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Rajasthan:Public Service Guarantee Act implemented

With an aim to provide public services in a time-bound manner,the Rajasthan government on Monday implemented the Public Service Guarantee Act in the state.

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Legal Audit
“Prevention is better than cure”

We at Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates aims to assist in profitable, efficient and optimum growth of the Company’s operations, objectives, and achievements of its Corporate goals within the ambit of the laws of the Company as well as the laws of the land. We are established to address and reliably deliver a sense of legal safety encompassing within itself procedures and processes which keeps any business or government/non- government organization informed and empowered in its functioning with minimum risks of exposure to any trouble from violations or from weakness within organizations structure of performance. We aims at providing solution that examines a company’s structure, contracts, policies and practices in the light of existing laws, jurisprudence, business experience.

Legal Audit by provides the legal muscle to any operations aims at building overall growth and success of any economy, because the quality of the economic structure depends upon the foundation and grass roots strengths of operations.

We aim to minimize the legal risks through the examination of their daily operational risks and a detailed study of the company’s legal history and by conducting a legal audit a business or organization will be able to locate and systematically remove or diminish its legal liabilities thereby contributing in an effective and unique way to the overall growth of corporate as well as society as a whole.

The vision of our legal audit division is to endeavor to provide legal health and safe environment for any operations to achieve success with velocity, peace of mind and structured competence.

Legal Audit-Building on a Strong base
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What is Legal Audit ?
Legal Audit
Why Legal Audit is Necessary?
What are the implications/significance of legal audit vis-a-vis other audits like tax audit, financial audit, company audit etc?
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