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Rajasthan:Public Service Guarantee Act implemented

With an aim to provide public services in a time-bound manner,the Rajasthan government on Monday implemented the Public Service Guarantee Act in the state.

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Legal Audit
 How and the manner in which the legal audit is carried out?

The Legal Audit Team comprises talented and proficient experts with specialization in the different branches of law familiar with the various Acts of the land – and interacts interface and engages in discussions / consultations with the Company’s top Management Team and after studying the documents / papers readily made available to them for initial scrutiny find out the Company’s Corporate goals, mission and objectives in the different parameters of operational activities and the projected growth of the Company in the right perspective for successful implementation of its goals / objectives in accordance with the internal Rules and Regulations of the Company itself – as well as in strict adherence to the laws of the land based on enactments and acts in force.

The Legal Audit is thus an ongoing exercise to be performed at periodical intervals with special relevance to the prevailing tax laws, labour laws, statutory liabilities, Governmental levies / duties, commitments undertaken by the Company as per the Government Contracts, Franchisee Compliance and so on.


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