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Rajasthan:Public Service Guarantee Act implemented

With an aim to provide public services in a time-bound manner,the Rajasthan government on Monday implemented the Public Service Guarantee Act in the state.

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Matrimonial and Family Matters

Our Firm is engaged in advising and contesting matters pertaining to Matrimonial matters like Divorce also like case on mutual consent divorce, contested divorce, annulment of marriage, child custody matters etc., on behalf of both husband and wife . We have vast knowledge in divorce cases and handling in various courts in Rajasthan which include matters of Demand of dowry under Section 498 A IPC , Bail , Anticipatory bail in matrimonial proceedings and Criminal Miscellaneous Petitions filed Under section 482 Cr.P.C for quashing of false FIR.
Our professional team stands for the clients on hearing in different Courts such as Family Courts, District Courts, High Courts, the Supreme Court of India, National and State Human Rights Commission and National and State Commission of Women. We also give productive suggestion and assistance and legal advice on Marriage and Marriage Registration, Separation, Divorce, Maintenance, Domestic Violence, Surrogate agreements, adoption and women property claims .

  1 : Adultery .
  2 : Cruelty .
  3 : Desertion and failure to maintain .
  4 : Conversion to another religion .
  5 : Incurable mental disorder .
  6 : Incurable mental disorder which may result in abnormally aggressive or irresponsible behavior.
  7 : Virulent and incurable leprosy, or communicable venereal disease not contracted from the party filing the application
  8 : Renunciation of worldly life

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